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Lubes Sales Promoter

Job Vacancy: (Code:30/01)

Position Title: Lubes Sales Promoter
Company: Multinational in Oil & Gas.
Location: Alexandria – Cairo
Experience: 1 to 3 years in any related field


– University graduate, preferably with engineering background
– Strong Retail HSSE Background.
– Prefer Males with Good Appearance
– English language proficiency is a must
– Max. Age: 30

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IT Solution Center

Job Vacancy: (Code: 30/03)

The selected candidate will be hired through IBS and will be assigned to IBS client.

Position: IT Solution Center
Our client sector: Oil & Gas
Location: Garden City
Duration: Contract- Full time
Working Hours: from 9 am till 5 pm
Days off: Friday & Saturday
Medical & Social insurance: yes


– Bachelor of Computer or communication Engineering is a must ( prefer graduated from AUC – GUC or equivalent Universities)
– Excellent English Fluency is a MUST.
– Experience: From 1 – 3 years

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Admin Assistant - Males Only

Job Vacancy: (Code: 179/01)

The selected candidate will be hired through IBS and will be assigned to IBS client.

Males ONLY – Owns a car is a MUST

Position: Admin. Assistant
Our client sector: Healthcare
Location: Sheraton, Heliopolis
Duration: Full time
Experience: 2 – 3 years
Gross Salary: 5000 EGP
Monthly Transportation Allowance: 3000 EGP
Working Hours: 8 hours
Days off: 2
Medical & Social insurance: Yes

Responsibilities in brief:

– Implement and monitor programs as directed by management, and see the programs through to completion
– Finalizing paper works in the labor bureaus and banks.
– Assume responsibility for maintenance of office equipment, including computers, copy machines and fax machines
– Maintain office supplies by checking inventory and order items
– Respond to questions and requests for information
– Answer incoming calls and assume other receptionist duties when needed 


– Bachelor of Commerce or business administration
– Excellent English Fluency is a MUST.

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Admin. Assistant Code (30/05)

The selected candidate will be hired through IBS and will be assigned to IBS client.

Position: Admin Assistant
Our client sector: Oil & Gas
: Alexandria, Egypt
Duration: Full time
Experience: 3 years
Salary Range: 7000 EGP
Mobile & Transportation allowance: Yes
Working Hours: 7 am- 4:30 pm
Days off: 2
Medical & Social insurance: Yes

Responsibilities in brief:

  • Handle all filing for direct Manager.
  • Reserve meeting rooms and set up all IT support for meetings
  • Coordinate with IT for all general support to the team.
  • Coordinate with health unit for all ergonomic support for the team.
  • Regularly order stationery material.
  • Arrange travel, transportation and logistical arrangements for team, events, and guests
  • Assist in daily media monitoring and preparing daily online news
  • Responsible for managing inventory and storage for admin office items
  • Maintain photo and video library/database
  • Handle translation requests
  • Logistical support for the Plant events, town halls, and other events.
  • Assist with drafting letters to stakeholders
  • Attend company events when needed
  • Review travel expense reports before final approval


  • Commerce or business Degree
  • Excellent English Fluency is a MUST.

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HR - Payroll Specialist

Job Vacancy: (Code: 42/03)
Required to join our dynamic team in IBS company.

Position: HR – Payroll Specialist
New Maadi, Cairo
Full time 
1-3 years in the payroll field is a MUST
Salary Range:
5000 EGP
Mobile Allowance:
Working Hours:
9 am – 5pm
Days off:
Medical & Social insurance:

Responsibilities in brief:
Execute accurately and timely daily/monthly activities and functions in:
– Payroll calculation (on cycling and off cycling payments): analysis and processing of data in the system, payments to employees accounts.
– Calculate salary, overtime, bonuses, commissions, deductions …etc
– Update paper and electronic payroll records by entering adjustments on pay rates, employee status changes etc.
– Deal with complaints and questions regarding payroll from employees and upper management
– Issues statements and invoices and maintain records.

– University degree either in Economics/Accountancy/Finance
– Experience in working with big volume data (extraction, analysis)
– Good knowledge of MS Office (particularly in Excel)
– Good analytical and time-management skills.
– Strong Knowledge of English (Upper-Intermediate: spoken and written)

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The selected candidate will be hired through IBS and will be assigned to IBS client

Candidates must be a SUEZ resident.

Position: Dispatcher
Our client sector: oil & gas
: Suez, Egypt
Duration: Full time
Experience: 1-3 years
Salary Range: to be determined based on years of experience
Working Hours: 8 hours
Medical & Social insurance: yes

Responsibilities in brief:

– Implement dispatch process and procedure
– Trip assignment process
– Create required picking list as per material dispatch schedule
– Get required margin approvals as per company authority matrix
– Make daily, weekly and monthly dispatch reports
– Coordinate with warehouse attendance and logistics sections regarding customer deliveries according to required dispatch schedule
– handle trips confirmation process against customer acknowledgment and received quantity by customer
– implement invoicing process according to acknowledged delivery notes and invoicing terms
– Get approvals for required credit notes
– Dispatch analysis regarding POs balance, dispatched volumes …etc.
– Data entry of detailed daily dispatch report.

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Country Manager Assistant - Females Only

Females ONLY

The selected candidate will be hired through IBS and will be assigned to IBS client.

Position: Country Manager Assistant
Our client sector: Engineering – Oil & Gas
Location: Maadi, Cairo
Duration: Full time
Experience: 5 years
Salary Range: 18k – 22 K
Working Hours: 8 -9 hours
Days off: 2
Medical & Social insurance: yes

Responsibilities in brief:
– Arranging appointments
– Taking messages
– Typing/word processing
– Filing , Mailing
– Organizing meetings
– Follow up the employees
– Implementing and maintaining procedures/administrative systems
– Preparing letters, presentations and reports
– Complete the documents  of the MHRS and time sheets and take minutes of meeting of my weekly meeting for projects
– Take the decision on behalf of the manager
– Follow the movement of the documents from & to the Banks
– Prepare and maintain accurate records, files and reports, including maintaining personnel record on oracle system
– Accounts and finance reports on a monthly Basis
– Maintains office staff by recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training employees.
– Manages the reception area to ensure effective telephone and mail communications both internally and externally to maintain professional image.
– Supervises and coordinates overall administrative activities for the Office Administration Dep.
– Supervises the maintenance and alteration of office areas and equipment, as well as layout, arrangement and housekeeping of office facilities.
– Negotiates the purchase of office supplies and furniture, office equipment, for the entire staff in accordance with company purchasing policies and budgetary restrictions.
– Supervises the maintenance of office equipment, including copier, fax machine.
– Participates as needed in special department projects

– Engineering Degree
– Excellent English Fluency is a MUST.

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كود الوظيفة ١٨٠/٠١
مطلوب سائق لشركة عالمية رائده فى مجال السيارات فى القاهرة الجديدة

لديه خبره اكثر من ٥ سنوات –
يفضل حاصل على رخصه مهنيه –
جيد فى اللغه الانجليزيه و حسن المظهر –
السن من ٢٨-٤٠ –

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فنيين خطوط انتاج وتجميع وسمكره ودهان ودوكو

كود الوظيفة ٣٦/٠١

 فنيين خطوط انتاج و تجميع و سمكره و دهان و دوكو

.وسيتم تكليف الذين سوف يتم اختيارهم لتقديم الخدمات سالفة الذكر بموقع عمل الشركة لدى عميلها شركة جنرال موتورز مصر، بالسادس من أكتوبر

:يشترط على المتقدمين

أن يكون حاصل على ثانوية عامة أو دبلوم صناعي أو تجاري –
ألا يزيد عمرهم عن 30 سنة –
تأدية الخدمة العسكرية –

علي الراغبين التوجه إلي : ۲ شارع رقم ۲٦١– المعادي الجديدة بجانب القمر الصناعي ويبدا من الساعة ۹ صباحا – ٥ مساءا (ماعدا الجمعة والسبت) لملأ استمارة الترشح للوظيفة

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354/01 سائق

كود الوظيفة ٣٥٤/٠١

مطلوب سائق
سيتم التكليف لتقديم الخدمة لدى أحد عملائنا

شروط الوظيفة: مطلوب سائق لشركه عالميه رائده فى مجال الشحن فى هيليوبلس
المؤهل :
مؤهل او معهد عالى او دبلوم
اكثر من 5 سنوات
الاجازات : جمعه / سبت

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فنيين دهان وصيانة

:تعلن شركة انترناشيونال بيزنيس سيرفس عن حاجتها لتعيين فنيين دهان وصيانة بالمزايا التالي

الراتب الشهري : 3000 جنيه –
بدل وقت إضافي يصل إلى 1000 جنيه شهريا –
حافز إنتاج شهري –
حوافز كل 3 شهور –
مكافأة سنوية –
تأمين طبي للفني وزوجته وكذلك تأمين على الحياة –
توفير مواصلات ووجبة –
تأمينات إجتماعية –

وسيتم تكليف الذين سوف يتم اختيارهم لتقديم الخدمات سالفة الذكر بموقع عمل الشركة لدى عميلها شركة نيسان للسيارات بالسادس من أكتوبر

.علي الراغبين التوجه إلي : مقر المصنع بالسادس من أكتوبر أيام الاحد والاربعاء والخميس في موعد أقصاه 8:30 صباحا

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