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Finance Admin.

Job Vacancy: (Code:55/01)

Position Title: Finance Admin.
Company: Multinational
Location: Cairo, 6th October
Duration: Contract
Experience: 1+ year
Net Salary Range: 600 USD
Working Hours: 9 am – 6 pm
Days Off: Fridays & Saturdays
Medical & Social Insurance: YES


– Bachelor Degree (preferably in Finance, Business or Accounting)
– Excellent English Fluency is a MUST

Responsibilities (brief):

– Expense and reimbursement processing by the account payable
– Petty cash management
– Invoice scanning
– Some payment preparation
– Drive communication with account payable
– Other admin activities
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System Engineer

Job Vacancy: (Code:30/02)

Position Title: System Engineer
Company: Multinational
Location: Garden City, Cairo
Duration: Full-Time
Experience: 1 – 2 years
Salary Range: 8000 EGP (based on years of experience)
Working Hours: 9am – 5pm
Days off: Fridays & Saturdays
Medical & Social insurance: YES
Allowances: Mobile &Transportation


– Engineering Degree
– Excellent English Fluency is a MUST

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Facilities Coordinator

Job Vacancy: (Code:15/01)

Position Title: Facilities Coordinator
Company: Multinational in Oil & Gas.
Location: New Cairo
Experience: 4 to 7 years of experience
Salary Range: 8000 EGP (based on years of experience)
Working Hours: 8 working hours.
Days off: 2 days off
Medical & Social insurance: YES
Allowances: Mobile &Transportation


– Food safety understanding.
– Excellent English Language.

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Lubes Sales Promoter

Job Vacancy: (Code:30/01)

Position Title: Lubes Sales Promoter
Company: Multinational in Oil & Gas.
Location: Alexandria – Cairo
Experience: 1 to 3 years in any related field


– University graduate, preferably with engineering background
– Strong Retail HSSE Background.
– Prefer Males with Good Appearance
– English language proficiency is a must
– Max. Age: 30

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Software Development Engineer

Job Vacancy: (Code:NC-01)

Position Title: Software Development Engineer
Company Location: New Maadi, Cairo
Duration: Full time
Experience: Fresh Grads – 2 years’ experience
Salary Range: will be determined based on experience
Working Hours: 9am – 5 pm (or flexible hours)
Days off: Fridays & Saturdays
Females or Males are welcome to apply

Areas of Expertise:

  • Programming
  • Coding
  • App Development
  • Web & UI Development
  • Backend & Frontend

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كود الوظيفة ١٨٠/٠١
مطلوب سائق لشركة عالمية رائده فى مجال السيارات فى القاهرة الجديدة

لديه خبره اكثر من ٥ سنوات –
يفضل حاصل على رخصه مهنيه –
جيد فى اللغه الانجليزيه و حسن المظهر –
السن من ٢٨-٤٠ –

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فنى كهرباء

كود الوظيفة ٥٢٩/٠١
مطلوب فنى كهرباء لشركة عالمية فى القاهرة

لديه خبره اكثر من 5 سنوات فى مجال الكهرباء –
يفضل حاصل على دبلوم فنى صناعى قسم كهرباء –

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فنيين خطوط انتاج وتجميع وسمكره ودهان ودوكو

كود الوظيفة ٣٦/٠١

 فنيين خطوط انتاج و تجميع و سمكره و دهان و دوكو

.وسيتم تكليف الذين سوف يتم اختيارهم لتقديم الخدمات سالفة الذكر بموقع عمل الشركة لدى عميلها شركة جنرال موتورز مصر، بالسادس من أكتوبر

:يشترط على المتقدمين

أن يكون حاصل على ثانوية عامة أو دبلوم صناعي أو تجاري –
ألا يزيد عمرهم عن 30 سنة –
تأدية الخدمة العسكرية –

علي الراغبين التوجه إلي : ۲ شارع رقم ۲٦١– المعادي الجديدة بجانب القمر الصناعي ويبدا من الساعة ۹ صباحا – ٥ مساءا (ماعدا الجمعة والسبت) لملأ استمارة الترشح للوظيفة

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IT Solution Center

Job Vacancy: (Code:30/03)

The selected candidate will be hired through IBS and will be assigned to IBS client.

Position Title: IT Solution Center
Our client sector: Oil & Gas
Location: Garden City
Duration: Contract- Full time
Working Hours: from 9 am till 5 pm
Days off: Friday & Saturday
Medical & Social insurance: yes


  • Bachelor of Computer or communication Engineering is a must ( prefer graduated from AUC – GUC or equivalent Universities)
  • Excellent English Fluency is a MUST.
  • Experience: From 1 – 3 years

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Retail Engineer

Job Vacancy: (Code:63/01)

The selected candidate will be hired through IBS and will be assigned to IBS client.

Position: Retail Engineer
Our client sector: Oil & Gas
Location: 6th of October
Duration: Contract- Full time
Experience: From 1 to 3 years
Working Hours: 8
Days off: Friday & Saturday
Medical insurance & Transportation allowance: Yes

Responsibilities in brief:

  • Own the standards manual, customize, update as we go.
  • Add the standards in a simple way in the new shops offering and coach the team on it.
  • Discuss and educate shops owners and contractor on the standards.
  • Visit and review at least twice during the shops construction phase.


  • Civil or Mechanical power Engineering Degree
  • Experience in retail construction is an advantage.
  • Skill in relationship building and stakeholder management.
  • Has commercial sense.

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IT Technical Support

Job Vacancy: (Code:490/01)

The selected candidate will be hired through IBS and will be assigned to IBS client.

Position: IT Technical Support
Our client sector: Trading & Transportation
Location: Maadi, Cairo
Duration: Full time
Experience: 2- 5 Years
Gross Salary Range: 6000 – 8000 EGP (based on experience)
Working Hours: Due to the nature of the work, it should be expected to work shifts or be on call and it may be necessary to work extra hours to finish a job.
Days off: 2
Medical & Social insurance: YES

Responsibilities in brief:

– Installing and configuring computer hardware, software, systems, networks, printers and scanners.
– Set up new users’ accounts and profiles and deal with password issues Possibly training employees on using Hardware and Software.
– Monitoring and maintaining computer systems and networks.
– Managing stocks of equipment, consumables and other supplies.
– Repairing equipment and replacing parts as necessary.
– Investigating, diagnosing and solving computer software and hardware faults
– Providing technical support – including procedural documentation and relevant reports–  across the company, either face-to-face or over the phone, to help set up systems or resolve issues.
– Troubleshoot system and network problems, diagnosing and solving hardware or software faults.
– Support the roll-out of new applications.
– Responding in a timely manner to service issues and requests.
– Responding to breakdowns.
– Maintaining records of software licenses.
– Undertaking scheduled maintenance upgrades.
– Testing new technology.


Degree: Systems engineering /Computer networking and hardware/Computer Science /Information Technology)

IT related qualifications:

– A+
– Network+

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Planning Engineer

Job Vacancy: (Code:15/02)

The selected candidate will be hired through IBS and will be assigned to IBS client.

Position: Planning Engineer
Our client sector: Oil & gas
Location: New Cairo
Duration: Full time
Experience: 10 years
Salary Range: –
Working Hours: –
Days off: Fridays & Saturdays
Medical & Social insurance: Yes

Responsibilities in brief:

– Manage the preparation of Project Integrated Schedule (Master Control Schedule – MCS)
– Assist in development of Level 1 schedule and the Schedule Basis and Assumptions document.
– Work closely with the project Cost Engineer to ensure costs phasing and forecasting aligns with the current control schedule.
– Support interface management for integrating scopes and stakeholders external to the project.
– Ensure that Contractor plans contain activities, durations, logic and timings that reflect industry standard methods for the scope of work.
– Oversee Contractor schedule, progress measurement and reporting, ensuring implementation of Contractors’ contractual requirements (review, comment and approve Schedule Development and Control Plans, schedules, outputs, reporting).
– Analyze progress performance and correlate progress indicators with other project controls indicators (schedule, quantity installation, workforce, and productivity). Trend performance indicators to assist with the development of ‘non-biased’ owner’s perspective of progress measurement.
– Analyze the Contractor resource, progress, and productivity measures against the schedule to address reporting accuracy in all areas.
– Facilitate and monitor the tracking and forecasting of interfaces between Contractors.
– Audit Contractors’ progress management system.
– Develop and maintain integrated, logic-linked schedules for assigned Delivery Team(s) that shall be used to inform the MCS.
– Provide the necessary ad hoc schedules to ensure the development of proper estimates and studies within a project stage.
– Implement, analyze and trend schedules within each project stage and for entire project Assist with preparation of Schedule Risk Analysis.
– Provide schedule input to and implement schedule element of the change management procedure.
– Participate in development and implementation of progress measurement and reporting system, including WBS roll-up levels, weightings and reporting.
– Prepare and present project information to appropriate stakeholders.
– Interface with the Operations Organization and Wells Organization to ensure schedule interfaces are identified in relevant schedules, underpinning the MCS.
– Act as primary interface with Operations Organization Activity Planning group at the detailed-planning level for Brownfield or interface scope.
– Attend coordination meetings, both within the Project Team and with Contractors.


– Degree or HND in a relevant discipline .
– Experience in performing, monitoring, and reviewing planning and scheduling functions, which include schedule development, control, and analysis, in the field and the home office.
– Skilled in oral and written communication (English language) and presentations of schedule materials.
– Good level of knowledge of engineering, procurement, contracts & construction.
– Advanced user of Primavera P6 & Microsoft Office applications

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Accounts Receivable Accountant

Job Vacancy: (Code:490/02)

The selected candidate will be hired through IBS and will be assigned to IBS client.

Position: Accounts Receivable Accountant
Our client sector: Transportation & Trade
Location: Maadi, Cairo
Duration: Full time
Experience: 2 years as minimum
Salary Range: to be determined
Working Hours: 9 hours
Days off: Friday and Saturday
Medical & Social insurance: yes

Responsibilities in brief:

– Posts customer payments by recording cash, checks and bank transfers transactions.
– Updates receivables by totaling unpaid invoices.
– Maintains records by debits, and credits.
– Verifies validity of account discrepancies by obtaining and investigating information from sales, trade promotions, customer service departments, and from customers.
– Resolves valid or authorized deductions by entering adjusting entries.
– Resolves invalid or unauthorized deductions by following pending deductions procedures.
– Resolves collections by examining customer payment plans, payment history, credit line; coordinating contact with collections department.
– Summarizes receivables by maintaining invoice accounts; coordinating monthly transfer to accounts receivable account; verifying totals; preparing report.
– Protects organization’s value by keeping information confidential.
– Accomplishes accounting and organization mission by completing related results as needed.
– Obtain balance confirmation for customers.“
– Account reconciliation for customers.
– Prepare LC document & follow up collections.


  • Bachelor Degree in Commerce

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Finance Manager

Job Vacancy: (Code:NC/02)

The selected candidate will be hired through IBS and will be assigned to IBS client.

Position: Finance Manager
Our client sector: Construction Contracting
Location: Maadi
Duration: Full time
Salary Range: 50k – 80k
Working Hours: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
Days off: Fridays & Saturday
Medical & Social insurance: yes
Transportation: Provided

Responsibilities in brief:

  1. Manage Company Banking relationships ‐ Negotiate terms with banks such as interest rates, loan amounts, and letters of guarantees for general company and projects
  2. Coordinate Banking Facilities with CMS Executives and execute plan with Banks
  3. Manage Company Cash Flow & forecast ‐ coordinate with Executive Management
  4. Manage Company Budgets & forecast – coordinate with Executive Management
  5. Create & Manage semi‐annual & Annual Financial Statements (balance sheet, income statement, cash flow)
  6. Create & Manage Monthly Financial Reports
  7. Manage & Consult with 3rd party Auditors to produce official annual Financial Statements
  8. Manage submission of all taxes related issues
  9. Manage submission of social insurance related issues
  10. Manage Company fixed assets
  11. Coordinate and assist in Financial aspect for project Tenders
  12. Supervise and coordinate the accounting, auditing, purchasing, and warehousing departments


– Bachelor degree in accounting or finance
– CFA or CMA Certified
– Construction Contracting Experience in Medium size company is a MUST
– ERP/Financial Software is a must – SAP Experience is preferred

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Customer Service Officer

Job Vacancy: (Code:NC/03)

The selected candidate will be hired through IBS and will be assigned to IBS client.

Position: Customer Service Officer
Our client sector: Hotel
Location: Maadi
Duration: Contract- Full time
Experience: From 0-3 years
Salary Range: 4000
Working Hours: from 9:30 am till 5:30 pm
Days off: Friday
Medical & Social insurance: Social

– Bachelor degree from Accredited University
– Very good English Language
– Male or Female can apply

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